Rockland Center for Vascular Surgery
873 Route 45 (North Main St.), Suite 104, New Hempstead, NY 10977

Varicose Veins
The surgeons of Rockland Thoracic and Vascular Associates created
the Rockland Center for Vascular Surgery (RCVS) to provide a
state-of-the-art facility for the treatment of varicose veins. The Center provides a beautiful, convenient and private environment to help ensure a positive experience when surgical intervention is required.

Dialysis Access
The experience of the surgical team at Rockland Thoracic and Vascular Associates with the management of dialysis access is vast and varied. The surgeons are equipped to create, fix and adjust all types of hemodialysis accesses to provide patients with the most effective, safe and comfortable access for renal dialysis. By providing complete continuity of care—from the creation of an access to maintenance of its function—we provide optimal care to the patient in need of hemodialysis.

Each dialysis patient requires a long-term plan for their care. By creating and following a plan for each patient, we can work towards minimizing the problems that can arise from dialysis accesses. Continuity of care with the full range of options (from balloons and stents to surgery, if needed) will provide each patient with an individualized approach that will serve them well over time. For more information on dialysis access and developing a long-term plan, contact the Center at 845-499-2333. If needed, transportation can be arranged.

The Rockland Center for Vascular Surgery has been approved by Medicare and accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.


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