Remember when fashion options seemed an endless choice of shorter skirts, bathing suits, and summer shorts? Well, it’s time to go shopping. Lose the cover-ups and let the world see those beautiful legs again! We’ll rid you of those embarrassing varicose and spider veins and relieve the pain they may cause, so your legs will look younger and feel more vibrant.

The Palisades Vein Center’s philosophy is unique in that when we treat your legs’ varicose and spider veins we not only seek a superb clinical outcome but a beautiful outcome as well. We may be highly skilled doctors, but frankly, we also like to think of ourselves as artists. If you want to end the embarrassment of varicose veins and show your legs again, come see us. Our goal is to bring back your more youthful, more healthy and more vibrant legs – often without surgery. Come see how easy we can make it to “love your legs again.” “The Palisades Vein Center also offers a full range of medi-spa services including CoolSculpt, Botox, facial fillers, Ulthera and others”

From this information, your vascular doctor will decide if further testing is needed. Testing is performed by a registered vascular technologist (an R.V.T.). Non-invasive testing utilizes various types of technology to evaluate blood flow within the vessels at rest and with exercise. These procedures are generally painless and can help to determine if blood vessel disease is present, the location, and severity

Once a test is completed, the images are sent to a physician for review and interpretation. From the results of these tests, your physician will determine the need for more non-invasive testing or procedures to treat vascular disease.

The RTVA Vascular Laboratory was the first of it’s kind in the region. It is highly respected and recognized as the place where the most accurate ultrasound and vascular testing can be found.

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