Mark Ginsburg, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

Lyall Gorenstein, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

Michael Schwartz, MD
Vascular Surgeon

Joshua Sonett, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

H. Michael Choi, MD
Vascular Surgeon

Frank D’Ovidio, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

Sean Wengerter, MD
Vascular Surgeon

Kurt Wengerter, MD
Vascular Surgeon

Carrie Drum, RN, BSN
Medical Esthetic Practitioner

Marissa Forte, RPA-C
Physician Assistant

Christopher Nobles, RVT
Registered Vascular Technologist

Vanessa Cordero, RVT
Registered Vascular Technologist

Rachel Hemmeter, RPA-C
Registered Vascular Technologist

Alyssa Schlett, RVT
Registered Vascular Technologist

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I was very pleased by my excellent care. I have had excellent results. There are no marks on my legs and the bulging veins are gone!


The team here is amazing and wonderful. The kindest people ever, starting from Mary, Carrie, Dr. Philip and Dr. Choi. You all are the best.


Just a note to say thanks to you and all the people at Rockland Thoracic that assisted me with my tests, appointments and surgery.


Dr. “Leg”, Thank you so much for the great job you did on my leg veins. Psoriasis was an awful problem but it cleared up!